Harky Homn Silicone Wedding Ring for Men, 6 Packs Silicone Rubber Wedding Bands Breathable Silicone Ring – 8.7 mm Wide(Black, Dark Gray,Light Dray,Blue,Camo Colors)

  • ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: Enjoy our 8.7mm silicone rings comfortability through any activity while also knowing that your traditional band is safe from being lost or damaged. Great for crossFit, lifting, biking, running, climbing, trekking.
  • COMFORTABLE AND SAFE : The siliccone ring is lightweight, comfortable, electrically non-conductive and doesn’t react to chemicals or acids. It is great for guys who work in construction sites, or do other activities where a metal ring is a serious risk, Keep yourself safe from extreme conditions like ring avulsion and amputation. Ideal for Athletes, Military, law enforcement, Electricians, Police, Firefighters, Engineers, Mechanics.
  • HIGHLY DURABLE SILICONE WEDDING RING: Whether you wear it through heavy lifting or rough work; Its rated tensile strength surpasses 183N, making it way more than just a rubber valve slipped on your finger!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY ENSURE YOUR SAFETY: Our siliccone rings are made from hypoallergenic and non-conducting silicone that doesn’t cause allergic reactions or irritations, even to sensitive skin. Unlike traditional metal rings, silicone rings are much flexible and comfortable that they allow for decent air-circulation and therefore don’t leave swollen knuckles after intensive work.
  • SIMPLE DESIGN: Our Silicone Wedding Rings have a functional, yet simple design that allow them to do more, while maintaining comfort, and material integrity. Our rings are low profile, yet heavy duty, and made with high quality silicone rubber. Since these are soft wedding rings, you’ll hardly know you’re wearing one!

We offer six unique wedding ring collections for you to choose from, differing in style and color. Our silicone wedding rings are specially engineered to comfortably fit each and every one’s unique lifestyle.

*Premium replacements bands for athletes, fitness, cross fit, adventurers, sports and other outdoor activities. When you do high impact works, silicone ring can be an alternative to your metal ring, to avoid the risk of losing or damaging your metal wedding ring.
*Manufactured with high grade silicone; while providing comfort and safety to allow freedom to do any activity. Whether you work in construction sites where rough and heavy lifting is involved or involved in contact sports or rough outdoor activities; the silicone ring keep you perfectly safe from injuries..
*Protect your most important commitments while also protecting your safety.

These make great gifts for: Engagement, Weddings, Fathers Day, Birthday, Valentines Day, Christmas, and any other special occasion.

Silicone Wedding Ring for Men
Width: – 8.7 mm
Thickness: – 2 mm
Size 7 – 17.32 mm
Size 8 – 18.14 mm
Size 9 – 18.95 mm
Size 10 – 19.76 mm
Size 11 – 20.57 mm
Size 12 – 21.39 mm
Size 13 – 22.2 mm
Size 14 – 23.01 mm

6* silicone wedding rubber rings

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